Competitive Programming

As a competitive programmer, naturally I have many related projects.

Competitive Programming Tools

A suite of competitive programming tools, including a system for automated execution of code on test case, automatic fetching of templates, and stress-testing. There is also support for a variety of different generators and custom checkers.

Currently, there exists two versions of the tool, the original being a VSCode extension, and the current one being a console-based Python module that can be easily integrated into existing text editors and IDEs such as Vim. Below are the links to their respective repositories.

Competition Environment

For competitions and practice, I use a customized Vim setup with many plugins. Full configuration and setup script can be found on Github .

Judge Solutions

I maintain a list of most of my judge solutions that others can browse if they are stuck or want to see alternatives implementations of a problem 😊

Solution Downloader

One of my planned projects is a solution downloader that can aggregate code from many different judges, removing the need to manually organize solutions. Unfortunately, it’s currently still in development.


Recently, I’ve begun work on a more formal codebook using online-judge-tools/verification-helper to ensure correctness of algorithms and generate documentation.


  • Auto CPP
    • Tool that automatically downloads submissions on problems and sends them through MOSS to help catch cheaters.
    • plasmatic1/autocpp
  • Rating badges
    • Rating SVG badges for your GitHub about page (or anywhere else that accepts them). However, currently only DMOJ is supported.
    • plasmatic1/dmoj-rating-badges
  • Generators
    • I also maintain a semi-complete list of generator files I’ve used. The repository is currently private but may be made public in the future.


  • Generator-Lib
    • A generator suite compatible with testlib.h that has helpers to generate more complex data such as graphs.
  • DMOJ-Polygon
    • An idea I have to help port Polygon packages into files compatible with the DMOJ judge.


What you’re reading right now :). This website is made with Jekyll along with some automated data fetching done in Python.

The old version of my website (made with Django) is available here as well.


Previously, I made a few server plugins using the Bukkit/Spigot API. Minecraft has and will always be one of my favourite games, so it was very rewarding to try out various the ideas I had :)



A browser extension intended to use NLP and neural networks to detect bias in news articles. Unfortunately, the project is currently inactive and unfinished.