Hi! My name is Moses and this is my website!

This is where I keep most of my personal profile along with some widgets and webapps. If you find any bugs/errors feel free to report them on GitHub

Happy browsing!

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Miscellaneous Things:


The CP Tools UI
CP Tools (Rewrite)

A Python module tailored for Competitive Programming. It includes local testing tools, a built-in stress tester, and has support for Competitive Companion (no extra ports need to be configured). Made using Python 3.

  GitHub Repo
The BetterWeb Extension in Action

This is a project I'm undertaking with some school friends and is a Chrome Extension meant to detect bias in online news articles through literary analysis of their headlines. A collection of headlines are first assigned biases (far left, left, neutral, right, far right, nonpolitical) and then are used as training data for a Neutral Network which is finally used to predict the bias of other headlines.

Some Popular Online Judges
Online Judge Solutions

A List of my online judge solutions. There is also a webapp to view the DM::OJ solutions in a more reasonable manner. (searching by problem name, solutions displayed alongside problem statements, etc.)

The Chat Bridge in Action

A Spigot (Minecraft Server) plugin that functions as a way for players on discord to directly chat with players on a Minecraft Server. It also includes a few utility and administrative commands for players. Made using Java.

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A Cartoon of a Website

A Spigot (Minecraft Server) plugin that works as a Kit management system for the KitPVP minigame (which is where players can select one of many kits and duel each other with them). Made using Kotlin.

Note: Image is old and UI has been since modified

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Trig Drills Program
Trig Drills

A simple python program that allows you to practice Trig Drills (i.e. what is cos(120 degrees)). Made using Tkinter.

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Contest Highlights

These are some contest performances that I wanted to highlight and is not a complete list of my competition history. See below for ranking rules.

Additionally, most of my accounts on various online judges are listed below as well.

Ranking Rules

How the rankings are determined for each contest, if anyone is curious or is confused where the numbers come from.

  • Waterloo (CCC): Ranking based on score distribution given on results page. Total number of participants based on results page
  • DMOJ: Rated participants only (except for DMPG, which was onsite but unrated). Total participants estimation based on bottom of scoreboard
  • Codeforces: Rated participants only. Total participants estimation based on bottom of scoreboard
  • USACO: Pre-college participants within the division only
  • MCPT: Same as DMOJ
  • TCO: Same as CF
  • Google Contests: All participants. Total participants estimation based on bottom of scoreboard
  • FHC: Same as Google

Online Judge Profiles