Hi! My name is Moses and this is my website!

This is where I keep most of my personal profile along with some widgets and webapps. If you find any bugs/errors feel free to report them on GitHub

Happy browsing!

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The CP Tools UI
CP Tools (Rewrite)

A Python module tailored for Competitive Programming. It includes local testing tools, a built-in stress tester, and has support for Competitive Companion (no extra ports need to be configured). Made using Python 3.

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The BetterWeb Extension in Action

This is a project I'm undertaking with some school friends and is a Chrome Extension meant to detect bias in online news articles through literary analysis of their headlines. A collection of headlines are first assigned biases (far left, left, neutral, right, far right, nonpolitical) and then are used as training data for a Neutral Network which is finally used to predict the bias of other headlines.

Some Popular Online Judges
Online Judge Solutions

A List of my online judge solutions. There is also a webapp to view the DM::OJ solutions in a more reasonable manner. (searching by problem name, solutions displayed alongside problem statements, etc.)

The Chat Bridge in Action

A Spigot (Minecraft Server) plugin that functions as a way for players on discord to directly chat with players on a Minecraft Server. It also includes a few utility and administrative commands for players. Made using Java.

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A Cartoon of a Website

A Spigot (Minecraft Server) plugin that works as a Kit management system for the KitPVP minigame (which is where players can select one of many kits and duel each other with them). Made using Kotlin.

Note: Image is old and UI has been since modified

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Trig Drills Program
Trig Drills

A simple python program that allows you to practice Trig Drills (i.e. what is cos(120 degrees)). Made using Tkinter.

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Contest Highlights

These are some contest performances that I wanted to highlight and is not a complete list of my competition history

Online Judge Profiles